PhotographerTonia Christiane Chiaramonte
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Cocoons We were one, and divided from the only thing. Each of us is made of both human genres. Like the butterflies, that were just cocoons, from the union of a female and a male, it borns a single new human being, unique. The evolution, creation, reproduction, mother nature.

About Photographer

Tonia Christiane Chiaramonte was born on 14 june 1976 in Apulia (Italy) with an urgency to communicate via images, as an instinctual necessity. She soon moved to Rome to study and graduated in Sociology. She specialised and wrote on communication and mass media at the University ‘La Sapienza’. She attended many classes on photography and workshops. Two of them were run by the photographers Marco Delogu and Michael Ackermann as part of “Enzimi”: an Italian artistic festival. After graduating in Rome she moved to Berlin with the intention of staying a few months, but the city’s creative atmosphere attracted her and she therefore decided to stay two years. Berlin is a constant source of inspiration and an opportunity for personal growth. Artistic teamwork also flourishes there. In June of 2005 she won the competition “A space for italian artists in Paris” which allowed her to exhibit in the French capital, together with painters, sculptors, actors, photographers, performers and craftsmen. After returning to Rome in August 2005, she has been collaborating with Splash News Agency, taking stage pictures, fashion photography, managing artists portfolios and doing personal art projects. She exhibited her works in different Galleries in Italy, to remember Mutations, during the International Photography Festival of Rome 2009 at the Macro Testaccio, and Nature et Architecture in the Gallery Nouvel Organon in Paris, 2013 . In September 2012 she moved to Paris where she currently lives and works. Professional experience: 2013: Fashion Photographer for Mamamushi ( , Paris 2012-2011: Photography assistant for Severine Queyras, Rome. 2010-2009: Photographer free lance, sales assistant for Splash News Photo Agency (, Rome. 2008: Photographer for L’isola del Cinema 2008, Rome. 2007: Photographer assistant for: Giorgio Benni, Paolo Soriani, Anna Galante ( 2006: Official reporter for Turin Chess Olympiad 2006(, Turin. 2005: Reporter for the art gallery: SchillerPalais, (, Berlin. 2003: Scene Photographer for the theatre group Teatroinstabileberlino (, Berlin. Solo exhibitions: 2008: Shoots on PPBR, Fanfulla 101, Rome. 2004: Berlin durch mich, Sprachenatelier (, Berlin. 2001: Paura , Circolo degli artisti, Rome Group exhibitions: 2013: Nature et Architecture, Galerie Nouvel Organon, Paris. 2005: Un salone per artisti italiani a Parigi , Parc de l’Exposition (, Paris. 2005: Berliner Kunst Projekt (, Berlin. 2004: Querschnitt 17, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. 2004: Pollux, Eberswalder Strasse 4, Berlin. 2003: Le mie maschere, Il Locale, Rome. Publications: Catalog: Chess impressions: a scrapbook of the Turin Chess Olympiad, edizione di Fondazione CRT, 2006, Torino. Tel Italy: +39 347 84 10 142 Tel France +33 06 05 79 00 94