PhotographerZofia Anna Puszcz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrygdynia, Poland
Photo DateNovember 2012
Technical Infodigital photography
Entry Description

Photograph illustrate my vision of gravity. I tried to give my images a fairytale character. My inspiration was Sally Mann photos.

About Photographer

My name is Zosia Puszcz. For the last 5 years photography has been the greatest passion of my life . Wide sense & art has always been present in my life; but the photograph has been present in my life since my birth. My Mum immortalized my growing up in rolls of photographic . She took me to my first photographic exhibitions; she infected me with her passion for art. When I was nineteen years old I started studying in Photographic Schools in Sopot. There I learned to work in the studio and became acquainted with photographic environment. After two years of study, I graduated from the School of Photography WFH Sopot with the title of the artist-photographer. The title of my thesis was “ Portraits of women in the twenties of the last century” . I made a series of stylized portraits of modern females in the environment of the 20st (of the 20th century) . At the same time, in which I studied photography , I took up an internship at a local radio station. I was responsible for photographing social and cultural events. I was present with the camera on national parties and events, including Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, Concert Top Trends, Skandia Marathon. The radio internship taught me to work with people, frequently stressful situations. Afterwards I worked for the “Prestiż” magazine where I learned to work with a professional session. The internship combined my two fields of study: sociology and photography. Now I'm finishing sociology at the Gdansk University , and I got to the second year of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. I try to combine the two fields of study. One attempt to connect sociology and art of photography was an exhibition of my pictures at the University of Gdansk. The pictures presented the Gdansk University lecturers while performing their hobbies or spending time with their family. The exhibition goal was to show the human face of lecturers. Apart from pictures, one was also able to read a short biography about teachers. I prepared the exhibition a friend of mine, Martyna Pawul. While I took pictures, Martyna conducted interviews with teachers and wrote their biographies. The presented exhibition was an attempt to deal with visual sociology. Visual sociology in Poland is still a young field of science but in the future I would like to take the tests that are supported by photography. I am currently writing an MA thesis in the sociology. Preparing my thesis I will be interviewing people with aid of photographs. During the year of my photographic study at the academy I learned a lot. I feel that I made a great progress. I'm moving in photographic darkroom better than last year; I got to know the ins and outs of pinhole photography, and I learned more about the precious techniques in photography. Apart from technical knowledge I met many inspiring people. Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan gives me the opportunity to exchange experiences with other passionate about photography. With my friends from the Academy, we organized a joint photo exhibition of our year in Warsaw in Lab “Duży Pokój”. I am glad, that at the same time, I can follow two courses because it gives me a broader perspective. Photography is my passion, I love working with people and to have new challenges.