Entry Title: "Grandmother"
Name: Mauro Turatti , Italy
Category and Expertise: Family, Professional

Entry Description: Tale of a granny, a woman of times gone by, described in her loneliness, in places where she feels safe, stuck in a routine that take over her life.

About the Artist:

Hyperactive Studio was born in March 2010 from the professional partnership between Mauro Turatti and Mattia Giani. Since he was young, Mauro refined his photographic technique, starting to work in the advertising world very early and featuring important advertising campaign from 2004. Mattia, in the same period, gained experience as post producer working with several photographic studios in Milan. Together, they created a modern structure able to create high level advertising images that place them at the top of the Italian emerging studios. The shootings for advertising campaign are always present side by side with researh pictures, that approach the world of art in a characteristic way. Hyperactive Studio wants to keep growing, dreaming and try out professionally to assert itself alla round the World.