PhotographerMaja Bogdanic
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryVancouver, Canada
Photo Date2003/2004
Entry Description

“Patterned” is inspired by my high school days in Serbia. My high school was a techical design school where I studied fashion and textile design. As young textile designers we would try and apply nature elements to our designs. I once picked a rose and studied it for weeks. By drawing it endlessly from different angles and using different techniques it helped create my final textile pattern. With “Patterned” I am reversing the process. The flowers in the patterns are coming to life again. It is way to root out the development of ones inspirations. Consciously or not, nature is infused in our lives and we use it to feed all our senses.

About Photographer

Maja Bogdanic was born in 1978 in former Yugoslavia current Serbia. She discovered art through painting and drawing at a very early age. Having lived in Japan for the last 15 years and with extensive traveling, she found photography to be a source of freedom in expression. This brought her to Vancouver, Canada, where she recently graduated with Honors from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. "Photography for me is a constant dance between shapes and textures, humans and their surroundings. It is a very simple process in my mind. Investigate, isolate and record. This makes me feel like I have stolen a unique moment of time and I have the proof to show it."