Entry Title: "In the mood for Love"
Name: Francisco Hernández Marzal , Spain
Category and Expertise: Other_FA, Professional

Entry Description: Shooting made in the middle of a narrow street of Xili,Shenzhen, China. Made using an improvised broomstick as a pole boom for the cenital light upon the models. The owners of the house were a bit upset and they can be seen though the window at the left side of the picture.This pic talks about love doesn't know frontiers or cultures

About the Artist:

Born in Valencia, Spain Graduated in Arts at Valencia Politechnic University, 1993 'Master en artes gráficas' 1994, Escuela de Ingenieria Industrial, UPV 2015: ‘Honourable Mention’ : FIPA Fine Art International Photography Awards 2015 2014: ‘Honourable Mention’ : MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards 2014 2014: ‘Honourable Mention’ : Festimage Calella 2014 2014: ‘One million photographer’ : Picture of the Month Jan 2014 2013: Premio Nacional de fotografia Lux Plata 2013, Industrial category 2013: International Kontinent Awards - ‘Official selection in Advertising’ 2013: 3rd International Annual Photography Masters Cup - ‘Nominée Fine Art’ 2009: Spain Photography week - SOHO Art Gallery, Osaka, Japan 1995: Outpost Venice - Exhibition at Biennale di Venezia, Venezia, Italia 1992: Fotografía Vila de L'Eliana - 1st Photo price