War for minerals

PhotographerErberto Zani
Entry Description

Republic Democratic of Congo, North Kivu.Coltan and manganese are rare metals used to make mobile phones and computers. The market value is so high as to have aroused the interest of multinational corporations and criminal organizations:Under the supervision of the buyers in Rwanda, soldiers and police control the territory, exploiting the local population and reselling its natural resources: the proceeds are used to buy other weapons that provide additional power, thus creating a vicious circle it is difficult to break. Under control of Nyatura, men work at the Mudere mine, near Rubaya, some 9 kms from the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo city of Goma.

About Photographer

Erberto Zani is a photographer, journalist and communication designer. Freelance since 2008, his works are focused on documentary-social themes. He cooperates with No Profit Organizations, magazines and companies with photographs and graphics projects focused especially on awareness-fundraising campaigns. He lives in Basel, Switzerland.