PhotographerGiovanni Albore
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyGiovanni Albore
City/CountryTrani, Italy
Photo DateJanuary-February 2014
Technical InfoDigital photography
Entry Description

People with red hair are an endangered species. Several biologists take for granted their disappearance from 2020. Their recessive gene is destined to disappear and be absorbed by the dominant genes. I photographed a multitude of people with red hair according to specific characteristics. They have a lot in common, including the presence of freckles caused by a lack of melanin.

About Photographer

Giovanni Albore takes photos since he was 17. He studied photography in Milan and after many years of workshops and qualifications, his point of view become different. So he makes himself a professional photographer. He's specialized in portrait and commercial photography. But he takes time for himself to experiment new photographic point of view. Now lives and works in Bari in the south of Italy. He's also teacher of photographic techniques in many workshops and courses. His motto is: photography as an illusion, photography as an obsession.