Home Alone

PhotographerGoran Jovic
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryImotski, Croatia
Photo Date19.11.2011.
Technical Infof2 1/320 iso1000 50mm
Entry Description

I stayed in a simple shack without electricity and water. Across the yard i had a neighbour a little girl called Cecilia. One day while she was talking to me I decided to make a portrait. I was ready to make a shot, but in spite of our friendship she showed discomfort and she hid behind the door. The room we were in was quite dark because there were no windows and the only light was coming from the door. So i was waiting for her to come to the edge of the door and made the shot.

About Photographer

Goran started to regard photography initially through wedding and special events photography, as well as portraiture for artistic portfolios. Even so, he still found himself gravitating toward documentary photography, which he finds to be his main aspiration and ambition. During those few years, Goran improved his photography skills during trips to New York and Barcelona, where he spent weeks documenting the lives of Harlem's homeless and beggars and street life in the bohemian barrios of the Catalan capital. At the beginning of 2011 he joined a volunteer humanitarian mission with an aid association 'Kolajna Ljubavi', for relief work in the tribes of National Park Ngorongoro in Tanzania. For the duration of the mission and volunteer contribution to the orphanages, schools and various tribal visits, he very effectively captured the compelling features and mannerisms of the Maasai. Everyday lives of marginalized groups in the big cities of Ecuador, as well as traditional merchants, peasants, and cattle farmers of Andean villages, indigenous settlers of the Amazon, and a bittersweet existence of Brazilian favela slum dwellers are subjects which he focused on in 2012, enhancing his portfolio as a documentary photographer. In January 2013 he made an interesting Photo-story about the southern nations in Ethiopia.