Entry Title: "It was a Tuesday, like any other Tuesday."
Name: Sarah Choo Jing , Singapore
Category and Expertise: Night Photography|Collage|Other_FA, Professional

Entry Description: Titled, It was a Tuesday like any other Tuesday, what is depicted is a Digital Composite. Here, the actions and routines of 12 individuals living within the same apartment building have been documented from the artist’s bedroom window. These potential narratives that occur within the window frames have no specific storyline, and are instead open to interpretations. The division between public and private has changed massively over this time period for many reasons. There are noticeable characteristics in each city and a different sense of living. It is the individual as an conscious or unconscious performer within their environment, in each private window, that intrigues Choo. This piece focuses on the idea of ‘getting inside’ the everyday from a position of being plunged into daily-ness and triviality. Choo is attempting to appropriate and transform the conventions of documentary photography as she searches for a way to find a form of practice that stays immersed in the everyday.

About the Artist:

Sarah Choo Jing is a Multidisciplinary Fine Artist who is currently pursuing her MFA in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Art, University College London. Focusing on the relationship between space and time, Choo’s work depicts identifiable moments and characters within contemporary society. Intentionally constructed, the artist reflects upon social and cultural norms. Choo has recently clinched the ICON De Martell Cordon Bleu Photography Award 2013 and Kwek Leng Joo Prize of Excellence in Still Photography Award. She has since represented Singapore at Cinema Total, organized by Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, The Santa Fe International New Media Festival in New Mexico, USA and Nordart 2013- a contemporary art fair in Germany, Europe. A recipient of the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Award, Choo has been awarded The Photographer of The Year in the Fine Art Photography category at the 4th International Pollux Awards, USA. In 2012, she was a Finalist for the 3rd edition Julia Margaret Cameron Award, at The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards in Europe. That summer, she received several Honorable Mentions at the International Photography Awards. The artist has since exhibited locally and internationally at venues such as: The Pingyao Photography Festival (China), Nordart 2013 (Germany), Photographies L’ailleurs, PIASA (Paris), The Harper’s Bazaar Art Fair (Jakarta), Marsio Fine Art (Jakarta) and the Nancy Victor Gallery (UK), Galerie Sogan and Art (Singapore), The Wilgus Gallery (USA).