Canyon Dreams

CompanyCraig Bill Photography
PhotographerCraig Bill
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Sunset at Toroweap Point, Grand Canyon, AZ, USA

About Photographer

In the search for adventure, soul and beauty in the world around me, I have discovered, stumbled onto, and finally had the privilege to observe some of the most amazing natural events and places. Photography, I feel in my life, has always seemed a relevant and appropriate tool for expression. “Painting with light”, a literal definition of photography, does not seem to grasp the entire concept as it applies to this art. Rather, maybe, the endless waiting, driving, freezing, and starving might convey a better picture sometimes... all for seeking and capturing fleeting rays of energy from our sun - tiny moments in time. By selecting subjects and using techniques, such as using a combination of warm and cool filters, I attempt to capture an image that our normal vision would be deprived of. Using these different tools of cameras, filters, time, light, and patience I hope to share images that we can not easily or not at all experience directly with our own senses, but are there...