Passion & Passion - Pool

CompanyAndreas Smetana Photography
PhotographerAndreas Smetana
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Andreas Smetana presents Passion and Passion, a deeply human series of images. The works explore the duality of passion through longing and suffering, and the appetite of desire for Life. Passion as a free-flowing creative force, is a curious desire to connect to the externality of the immediate environment, as well as the internal nature of man. By placing the subject inside the cross, so they become ‘of’ the symbol rather than attached to it. Andreas creates a dialogue that is beyond traditional religious connotations of the cross symbol. The cross allows a transparent examination of life poised both to embrace, and stand vulnerable and exposed at the same time. Passion as suffering, passion as embrace. The Cross itself a symbol for suffering and a symbol for embrace. Andreas shot Passion and Passion over 12 months on location around Australia.

About Photographer

Andreas was born in Austria and lived in Innsbruck where he worked as a photographer until the age of 26. After forming his own studio at just 23 Andreas continued to work for a further 3 years before he decided it was time to move on to Sydney, Australia. Armed with his experience as a successful young advertising photographer, Andreas moved quickly becoming one of Australia’s most popular emerging talents. His work began to gain momentum, not just locally but also internationally, now working with some of the biggest names and best creative’s in the industry. Andreas has been recognized for his work globally, winning awards at some of the most prestigious shows around the world. This has helped him forge strong relationships with international producers and agents who now represent Andreas all over the world: America, United Kingdom, Europe and most of Asia. Andreas’s versatility in shooting a wide variety of genres has made him one of Australia’s most sought after photographers. His passion and energy is inspirational, making him a fun and unexpected person to work with. It is this combination that has made Andreas “one of the most published photographers” in Archive Magazine within the last 10 years. Andreas has also somehow managed to chase his other dreams whilst doing what he loves. When not standing behind a camera and directing people all over the place in his heavy accent, Andreas loves to spend time relaxing with his beautiful wife Rachel, his boy Felix and little girl Louie. Andreas also has a love affair with sailing which is great given his home on Scotland Island in Sydney’s North Coast is completely surrounded by water. He hopes that one day he will become a fulltime Sailboat Captain, but for now his focus is simply sailing through the heads and into the open sea. His only wish, that his wife felt the same about sailing as he does.