Constructed Tree

PhotographerCheung Wai Lok
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHong Kong, Hong Kong
Photo Date2014
Technical InfoDigital Black&White
Entry Description

Hong Kong is a city which highly urbanized, buildings is surrounded in the city. In this environment, we pursue "Green" naturely. In my opinion, greening the city should reconstructed relationship between man and nature. But people love to self-deception, The things go “Green: just some natural scenery image on the wall of construction sites to hidden the damage to the environment from the site or the cold concrete: a fake “Green” cover up the truth about the development of damage. After development, only concrete building plant but not the real tree. In my opinion, all this are pseudo-green.

About Photographer

Cheung Wai Lok born in 1986, graduated from Bachelor of Arts in Fine art(photography) of Hong Kong Art School. Using photography as major medium, he concerns about people and anything in Hong Kong, at the same time explore the nature and possibility of photography. His works have been invited to present in Hong Kong and abroad, including “New Trend 2010” in Hong Kong and “Luminous Harbor: Hong Kong Contemporary Photography 2011” in Tokyo. First Solo Exhibition “Photo of Cheung” held in 2012. He had organised photography culture website “Seedinmind” with friends during 2008-09, and joined photography self-publishing group “Kinggaiwui” from 2010 to now. Now is a freelance photographer.