Free axes of ume tree

PhotographerYuko Nakane
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Branches of ume tree are too free, and entertaining. They have various form (straight lines, or curve, thick, slender… in all directions). Even though the wind didn't blow, these form looked like blown by the wind. It was fun for me to look at their free form. I feel happy about there are no absolute rules in this world. So when I saw these free branches, I was pleased that it looked like gravity didn't apply to the ume tree. "In spite of being under my eyes, the ume tree lives in the world which have another time axis and spatial axis." It was my entertainment to feel such wonder atmosphere. By taking photos to extract free lines of branches, I expressed the ume trees be in their own world.

About Photographer

1987 Born in Tokyo 2012 freelance photographer 2010 assistant photographer to Mr.K. Takuma 2010 B.A. in Policy Management,Keio University 2014 received fine work prize of "Nature's Best Photography Japan 2013" photo contest