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Photographerluna coppola
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBarcelona, Spain
Photo Datejune 2013
Entry Description

Vittoria, born in Naples, on July 13, 1928, the fourth of six children. She fought against hunger, war, the Nazis, two cancers and more than 10 surgeries. At age 14, she began working supporting her whole family with a salary of 450 Lire. In her stories, always emphasizes one thing: "My father, it was anti-fascist and so the Nazis took him to Africa. he always has taught us to fight. I think that today in Europe,we live in a dramatic moment,and young people need think and fight for their future and for their families. I have struggled all my life.

About Photographer

I am a documentary photographer. Born in Italy (1980) and raised in Barcelona, Spain. I received a degree Humanity and History of Cinema at the University of Bologna, Italy. During my period in Bologna, I have worked for different Italian Movie Production, as assistant to various directors of photography. I spent a period in Rome, where I have directed my first documentary movie. In 2005 I moved to Barcelona and I worked for GranAngular Press Agency, Invision Image, Nur Photo Agency and other International Press Agency. I am a co-founder of Workshophotolab with Giulio Di Meo, an italian photographic collective based in Bologna. Currently I am working with Cristina Nuñez and I'm facilitator of the method The Self Portrait Experience. Since 2013 I am working with Sara Lusini at the workshop project Selfie Quindi Sono in Milan and Barcelona.