Centre Pompidou-Metz, France

PhotographerMassimo Vicinanza
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNaples, Italy
Photo DateMarch 2014
Entry Description

The Pompidou- Metz of the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture opened in May 2010 and built on a surface area of 8,000 squared meters. It’s a large hexagonal structure around a central spire reaching a height of 77 meters, with facades in transparent corrugated polycarbonate sheeting. The wood pitched roof, whose geometry takes inspiration from the Chinese hats, is composed of 18 km of beams and is covered with a waterproof membrane made from fiber glass and Teflon. The superstructure is sustained by several tulip wood masts, and the assembling of 1500 chunks of spruce or larch creates a splendid hexagonal modular texture.

About Photographer

Born in 1960, I am a freelance photographer and journalist, based in Naples, and the Italian freelance correspondent for several international publications and for the foreign global press in general. I am also chief editor of Italian Fullpress and Fulltravel e-zines. My clients range from luxury magazines targeting sophisticated readers to popular tabloids of with massive circulation. Any type of photoreportage, and/or interview is part of my daily work, as well as full coverage of current news and events are is part of my daily work. Although I am based in Naples, my assignments often take me around Europe and the rest of the world. As a journalist and photographer I cover a wide range of topics, from travel to architecture to lifestyle. I consign my work complete with all text and photo material, ready for publication.