War Not Over

PhotographerEbrahim Noroozi
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A photo serie of Iranian victims of Iraq-Iran war.


In 1980, Iran was busy reconstructing the country after a revolution, when Saddam Hussein launched an undeclared military attack to seize parts of Iranian soil. The war took more than 8 years and was the second longest war of the 20th century after the Vietnam war. Iraq widely bombed cities and and fired missiles at civilian areas. The Iraqis used chemical weapons during this war, among other modern weapons. Iranian people voluntarily joined military forces to fight back. As a result of the war more than 260000 people died and 400000 Iranians were seriously wounded. While the war officially ended in ceasefire more than 25 years ago, it is still going on for some people, who have to cope with injuries and amputations. The physical and mental pains brought about by the war has remained, and will remain forever with a large number of veterans. The men have difficulty doing many simple things and have to use artificial hands and legs, as well as wheelchairs, walking sticks and oxygen containers. But they can never live a normal life again. The equipments need maintenance, repair and renewal, and many veterans have to use a lot of them throughout their lives. Many of them can hardly afford this. The veterans have to cope with the pain and the difficulties, and their families have to share their pain. The veterans fought Iraqis for years, and have been fighting the pains and injuries for may years. For them, the war continues forever. Wars don't end for people when ceasefires are made or arms are back in arsenals. They have to fight the consequences of the war for a long time.

About Photographer

Ebrahim Noroozi was born in 1980 in Tehran, Iran. He began working as a professional photographer in 2004. He has worked in India, Afghanistan and Iran. Ebrahim Noroozi worked as the head of photo department of Fars News Agency, Iran newspaper, Iran Daily newspaper (English version), Alvefagh newspaper (Arabic version), Iran Sport, Iran Photo Agency (IIPA), Jamejam Newspaper. He won 7 awards in Iranian Photo contests, Gold medal of Asahi Shimbun (2006), 2nd prize stories of World Press Photo in contemporary Issues (2012), Honorable mention in NPPA best of photojournalism (2012) in contemporary issue, 1st prize stories in Observed Portraits of World Press Photo (2013) , 2nd prize stories in Staged Portraits of World Press Photo (2013) , 1st prize in Nikon Photo contest in Photo stories category (2013), finalist in leica oskar barnack award (2013) , finalist in W. Eugene Smith Grant (2013) and Lucie Award in Deeper Perspective Photographer of The Year (2013). Ebrahim Noroozi has been a member of jury in several Iranian photo contests. He also has attended several photo exhibitions and contests in Iran.