Midnight Alter

PhotographerJeff Mitchum
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJeff Mitchum Galleries
City/CountryCarlsbad, United States
Photo DateNovember 18, 2013
Technical InfoPhase IQ80 Camera 35-90mm Lens
Entry Description

With a full moon rising over the San Francisco Bay, this begins my arrangement entitled "The Temple Series". And since San Francisco is truly one of the most photogenic places on earth, this title is quite befitting. It’s the opening night of crab season. Families, kids and one very interested and intrigued photographer such as myself could be seen staring at the bright lights—both on the pier and in the distant city. And at this exact moment, I was a very happy fine art photographer. I escaped to the cliffs to find a suitable location to create from. I watched the moon cast her bluish light onto the bay below, the fishermen in sync with the evening’s vibe and the city completely oblivious to the solitude on the other side. With the moon in her position above, I began an eight-minute exposure. Leaving the camera behind, I ran to the pier. During the eight-minute exposure, I found several dark areas on the pier and turned my headlamp toward my face. Here is a new one: the artist did a self-portrait of himself and became one with his own fine art image. Can you see me? This is one of my all-time favorite pieces I’ve created. It’s unique, showcases stunning color and light, is defining and is culturally insightful.

About Photographer

Jeff Mitchum is one of the great American and international landscape photographers who rose to success in the recent years. He is often described as the “Ansel Adams of color” in the fine art photography world. Self taught, Mitchum is known for his compositional mastery and the keynotes in his work are the use of natural light and subject matter. His aesthetic is simple – to capture the stunning beauty of nature and dramatic landscape and bring it to people’s everyday lives.