Modern Fairy Tales

PhotographerSusan J Chen
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySusan J Chen Photography
City/CountryOakland, United States
Photo Date1/1/2013
Entry Description

Modern Fairy Tales is a series shot for new handbag brand RoviMoss and their Fall 2013 lookbook. Reimagining fairy tales with a modern, whimsical twist brings to life their brand positioning “classics reborn”.

About Photographer

Susan J Chen is a photographer who was born in East L.A (but has never met Cheech Marin). She began her career in NY, learning from master photographers Mary Ellen Mark and Craig Cutler. Her coolest encounter while at her studio was meeting Lou Reed and being offered a cigarette. Susan comes from both Photography and Advertising worlds, having been an ad executive, a photo editor, a digital tech, photographed for film productions and various print/online media, and occasionally producing. Susan will be featured in PDN’s Photo Annual this year for her commissioned work, Modern Fairy Tales. Classic fairy tales are reimagined with a modern and whimsical twist. Her work has also been shown in NY, LA, and Minneapolis. She works in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.