Entry Title: "Concrete Cross"
Name: Florian Mueller , Germany
Category and Expertise: Buildings|Abstract, Professional

Entry Description: The inside view of the Mariendom in Velbert, Germany. Designed by architect Gottfried Böhm, offers the church a unique, kind of brutal concrete style.

About the Artist:

I am a german Cologne-based creative who works across many disciplines and media. The combination of visual perception and communication is one of my incitements in finding new motives and conceptions for photographs. A picture hast o tell a story or a picture hast to build a story in the beholders mind. In a world, that is powered by „faster, higher, further“, I see a progress in pausing. To create pictures and visual spaces wich invite the observer to dwell, to linger, almost to contemplate, are my objectives. EXHIBITIONS 97.2013 - 09.2013 New York "The Story of the Creative" 09.2013 Sustenuto, Bruxelles Single-Exhibition “Transitus Essence” 05.2013 efunktion, Köln Group-Exhibition “Zaghafte Konsequenz” 08.2009 – 11.2009 Provence, Cologne Single-Exhibition “Stairs”