Entry Title: "Time Sliced"
Name: Richard Silver , United States
Category and Expertise: Cityscapes, Professional

Entry Description: Photographs taken at Sundown showing the progression from day to night in one single photograph. Each photograph consists of over 30 photographs.

About the Artist:

RICHARD SILVER 1961,Born in Brooklyn, New York, USA Lives and works in New York, NY USA Exhibits 2002-Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 2003-Camera Club of New York, New York 2006-Kolo-submission work 2008-Kolo-submission work 2008-The Skyscraper Museum, New York 2008-Schmap “Miami Guide“, Miami 2008-Ansonia Pharmacy, Solo Show, New York 2008-www.NowPublic.com, “Potent Greenhouse Gas” Publication 2009-Lana Santorelli Gallery, “New York, NY” Group Show, New York 2009-Chelsea Wine Vault, Solo Show, New York 2009-Baboo Digital, “Different Flavors“, Group Show 2009-www.artscenetoday.com finalist 2009-www.InfinityArtGallery.com finalist 2009-Lana Santorelli Gallery, New York, NY Group Show “Gastronomy” 2011-New Artist featured with www.yellowkorner.com