Self-portraits in NPR

PhotographerJan Caga
Entry Description

Who is this I? And where this I truly belong to? Search for the answer, I used my own body and placed it into the most protected areas of European wilderness. And then, for a short moment, I became an integral part of the strictly protected natural treasury. In the end I found myself as a tree, a flower and a rock. NPR - Natural Protected Reservation and National Parks are the most significant protection of European natural areas. Provides protection in international or national scale, unique natural ecosystems with rare and endangered organisms and inorganic phenomena.

About Photographer

Jan Caga was born in a small industrial town Hodonin, Czechoslovakia in 1976. After graduating from university in Art Design he began working as a freelance magazine/journal photographer. Later he started to work on long-term projects exploring the state of contemporary society. Because life is such a rich and still open book and the world is constantly changing. It's not just wars, social problems and riots as intentionally presented in the media. Naturalness, pleasures, sorrows and subtle nuances that differentiate one man from another. Of course interaction between beings. Man create and transform the world in its image and attempting to do the best he can. Jan has received numerous awards in photojournalism such as several prizes in the Czech Press Photo Contest, Award of Excellence in the 68th Pictures of the Year International, Grand prize PhotoEspa┼ła OjodePez Award of Human Values etc. Now lives in Brno, Czech Republic, with his wife Veronika and two sons, Jachym and Matej. For a photographer, the globalization does not make the world smaller, but instead of it, creates a new and wider context.