PhotographerShen Chao-Liang
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In the form of field research focusing on vaudeville troupes that have long existed in the folk society in Taiwan, the SINGERS & STAGES project, shooted during 2005 and 2008, aims to display the performers and mobile stage trucks often used for their performances as separate portraits. In the 7-meter long scrolling page design that displays 36 images, the classic warming tones of black-and-white of the performers comes in strong contrast and comparison against the glamourous and colourful stages. The Singer, the human portrait, and Stage, the cultural portrait, are used as corresponding images to reflect the connection of the performing environment and cultural context.

About Photographer

Shen Chao-Liang was born in Tainan, Taiwan, in 1968. He obtained his master degree from the Graduate School of the Applied Media Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts. Shen worked as a photojournalist and vice-convener at the Liberty Times, and the Artist in Residence at National Central University. Shen has been dedicated to feature photography since 1993. From his early works of Reflections of Nan-Fang-Ao (2001) to the latter series of YULAN Magnolia Flower (2008), Tsukiji Fish Market (2010) and STAGE (2011), he has been recognized by his sophisticated style of image creation and commitment to documenting the evolution of Taiwan society. He won the Golden Tripod Award of Best Photography (magazine category) of R.O.C(Taiwan) in 2000 and 2002, the Asia Award in Sagamihara, Japan (2004), the Best Foreign Photographer Award at the Dong-gang Photography Festival, Korea (2006), the Honorable Mention of 2010 Taipei Art Award.(2010) , and the Artists Wanted : Photography Category Award Winner (Year in Review 2011), NY, USA (2012). Shen’s works were exhibited in Taiwan, China, Korea, Spain, Japan, US, Canada, France and Peru. His publications include STAGE, Tsukiji Fish Market, YULAN Magnolia Flower, Reflections of Nan-Fang-Ao, and Brand 9 – the Creative Ideas of the World’s Nine Best-Selling Brands. Currently he is a freelancer and teaches photography at several universities in Taiwan. E-mail: