Monk´s team

Photographermarcelo rosental
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

More than 85% of Myanmar´s population buddhists. Young monks colour the streets of these country and you can see the all over the place ready to smile in their comfort selfatmosphere This team of monks where hanging out in Mingun Pagoda´s top. This building was to be the largest Pagoda in the world, until a big earthquake shake and cracked open the building in many parts and interrumpted its construction half way through.

About Photographer

Freelance photographer specialized in travel, cultures and tourism. Motivated by discovering nature beauty and catching a glimpse at the fabulous cultural diversity, he travelled intensely around south, center and north America, Antarctica, Europe, north and southern Africa, southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, China and Mongolia in a journey that extended without stop for seven years. His photographs are widely published internationally in books, newspapers and travel, culture and leisure specialized media such as National Geographic, Altair, Lonely Planet, Travesias, Blue&Blanc, La Nacion, El universal, Lugares and Marcopolo. His work was presented and awarded in Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and U.S.A. His fine art prints are part of numerous private collections. Gigantographies also decorate entire walls at hotels and bars and been part of arquitectural and design awards. He is 43 years old, lives in Buenos Aires and is also a Yoga and breathing techniques instructor.