Concrete Bliss

CompanySilas Fallstich Photography
PhotographerSilas Fallstich
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Photographing long exposure images at night has always held a bit of magical fascination for me. The idea of photographing something that isn't visible to the naked eye stimulates a great deal of creativity and wonder. The countless obstacles and uncontrollable factors have the potential to frustrate photographers. However, for me the countless failures are only a dim memory to the excitement and joy I feel when an image such as this is produced.

About Photographer

My name is Silas Fallstich and I'm a nature, travel and lifestyle photographer. I first began taking images as a means of sharing my adventures with family and friends. Over time my work has progressed to a broader audience, yet this desire to share the natural world with others has remained as the foundation of my work. Moving forward photography has developed my desire to conserve the natural world. I hope that my experiences and photography will instill in others a desire to protect and conserve animals and nature. I work in the hope that my photography and behavior will be seen as an active contribution to the stewardship of the land. Beyond this I hope that I can share my photographic knowledge with others. I want to assist others in their photographic endeavors in whatever capacity I can. When I first began my professional photography career a close friend asked me, "When did you get into photography?" Upon great reflection I have concluded the following: "I never got into photography, I didn't always own a camera, but I always carried with me a desire to capture the world around me and to share it with others."