Maisie in Black and White

PhotographerMary Yan-Berges
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKew Gardens, United States
Photo Date2012
Entry Description

Maisie is a client of mine. I wanted to fill the frame with her wild, blonde curls. Its a world of hair and eyes.

About Photographer

Born in Hong Kong and being exposed to photography at a very early age, I knew the camera brought people together. The way it brought my family together. I studied at the City College of New York, was a darkroom rat and was very influenced by cinematography. Believing in movement in stills, I inject energy and verve into a shot whenever I can. Longshadowimages Fotography is about beauty, hyper beauty to heighten the senses. Mary Yan-Berges is a NYC based New York photographer.