Petrified Forest

PhotographerPatricia Dinu
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Petrified Forest, named for its large deposits of petrified wood.During the Late Triassic, downed trees accumulating in river channels were buried periodically by sediment containing volcanic ash. Groundwater dissolved silica (silicon dioxide) from the ash and carried it into the logs, where it formed quartz crystals that gradually replaced the organic matter. Traces of iron oxide and other substances combined with the silica to create varied colors in the petrified wood.

About Photographer

Patricia Dinu at the moment lives in Milano, Italy and lost her heart and soul in Americas deserts of the Southwest. She was born in Romania, where she grew up dirt-poor under the communist regime, then, after the downfall of the Soviet Empire experienced the “liberties and freedoms” of the rich man’s material world in Italy as a coveted photo-model. But she successfully switched to the other side of the camera. She wanted more, needed change and developed a passion for Digital Art and Photography. Soon her works were published in the magazine "Photoshop Creative Magazine”. Patricia was encouraged and motivated and in 2010 began studying at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan, where her mentor was Erminio Annunzi. In 2012, parallel with her courses at the School of Photography of Milan, Italy, she studied in New York with the acclaimed photographer Amy Stein. In 2013 she graduated from the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan, Italy . During these times of intensive study of photography in 2011 she visited the Great American Southwest, where she immediately fell in love with the beauty of this country. It is then, when Patricia Dinu began her largest body of photographic work : "Desert Of Souls”. The Desert of Souls is a research and a personal interpretation of these unique landscapes. She has exhibited her works in exhibitions throughout various parts of world and has received several international awards.