Place de l'Opéra

PhotographerSophia Pagan
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryParis, France
Photo Date2012
Technical Info1/100sec, f/4.5, 18mm, ISO 100
Entry Description

Photograph was taken from the balcony of the Opera Garnier in Paris, France. The balconu over looks the Place de l'Opera where you could see Paris drenched with rain with little activity on an early Sunday morning.

About Photographer

New York-born photographer Sophia Pagan takes inspiration from her everyday life and transforms it into compelling visual art, capturing what she calls “the essence and purity of life.” Her ability to find beauty and meaning in the mundane is what stands out most in her photographs; the viewers, as quiet observers, are left with a stillness that leaves them wanting more.What’s revealed is always unexpected and unanticipated. Prior to becoming a fine art photographer, Sophia received her bachelors degree in Graphic Arts and moved on to work in magazine publishing for 5 years and worked for top titles such as People Magazine, Real Simple, Sports Illustrated, Wired, Teen Vogue, Vogue and many more. Bio: Picture In 2008 Sophia relocated to Paris to pursue a solo career as a photographer. Somewhere along the way she found her calling and started working as a Fine Art photographer, specializing in black and white photography. In the five short years that she's lived in Paris she's had six expositions, has been published in photography magazines, Paris guide books, featured in Paris centric blogs, has been on French TV Arte and has been invited to photograph at the private residence of the British ambassador in Paris. She's sold more than 40 limited edition prints and started a destination Photography business called Photo Perfect Paris focused to couples visiting the City of Lights as well as the luxury Portrait Boutique. Now based in Paris, France her unique ability to capture scenes of everyday life and transform them into riveting stories has earned her a strong fan base in the City of Light, where she captures the city with a fresh perspective, strongly influenced by her experiences living in two of the world’s great cities.