Dingo: Wild Dog at War

PhotographerHelen Melville
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryUltimo, Australia
Photo DateMay 2012
Technical InfoCanon EOS 5D MkII 102mm, F 2.8
Entry Description

The dingo is one of Australia's most famous animals. Many city dwellers see it as a symbol of the wild beauty of Australia's remote regions and fear for its future as it increasingly interbreeds with domestic dogs. But in the countryside cattle farmers have a different perspective, where dingos and other wild dogs are serious predators and pests, injuring and killing substantial numbers of their cattle each year. Farmer and dog trainer Dave Graham once also hated dingos but has now become an advocate for their survival. His research has highlighted the role that the dingo plays in securing the survival of other native animals in their territories, particularly of the small marsupials that would otherwise have been killed by the feral cats and foxes that the dingo hunts. Dave is now involved in developing best practice solutions to find a middle ground between farmer and dingo.

About Photographer

Helen is an Australian photographer based in Sydney, Australia. She focuses on shooting commercial portraiture for the advertising, television and film industries.