Boys From Afar

PhotographerJoni Kabana
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPortland, United States
Photo Date2013
Technical InfoDigital Capture
Entry Description

I was deeply riveted by the people I met in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Living a nomadic lifestyle, they are exceptionally beautiful, hyper aware of surroundings, and also attentive to adornment. There is a grace and fortitude they exude that is haunting. They live from the land where mankind began.

About Photographer

Joni Kabana has been photographing people since she was eight years old and made her cousins dress up as different characters from their neighborhood. Since then, Joni has traveled to some of the most remote areas of our Earth seeking portraits, rituals and lifestyles to photograph. She also finds exoticism in every day lifestyles right in her own backyard. Her images evoke many stories, and she loves to portray the dichotomy found in people: from the tenderness of gangsters to the bitterness of the pampered to the joys of the desolate. Joni's images often instill within the viewer a desire to act. Because of this, she has worked on assignments for many humanitarian aid organizations, as well as her own projects that assist others in developing nations. She is best known by her desire to maintain authenticity in the imagery she captures. See her website and blog at