Miss president

CompanySangsang Variations
PhotographerYoungho Kang
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

She is Park Geun-Hye. She is not just any woman. She is the current president of South Korea. Not only did I take the photos from her back. I wanted to visualize the way she was touching the people surrounding her. Also, I was curious as to understand what the world looks like from her point of view. And so I followed her for a year, before she became the president


The subject for my series, ‘Miss President’, is in fact none other than The President herself, Park Geun-Hye. She is South Korea’s current president, and also the country’s first female president. The majority of the photos from the Miss President series depict Park Geun-Hye from behind, and with her face hidden to the viewer of the image. This choice of approach was chosen in order to show viewers a side of Park Geun-Hye that usually is not seen, the side from which the world is viewed by her. What brings out even more from the series and makes it all the more special is that these images were captured prior to Geun-Hye became the president. Given the fact of how difficult images similar to these are to capture nowadays, the images holds an even higher value.

About Photographer

Youngho Kang was born in Seoul in November, 1970. He is well renowned as a nick name “dancing photographer”. Because he has very unique shooting attitude that looks like a conductor or dancer. In South Korea. He has achieved a great success in the field of commercial advertisement. Recently “Insight Campaign,” a photographic program for educating visually handicapped children in collaboration with Samsung Electronics, brought him an honor of winning the ‘Two Gold Lions in Promo & Activation’ by the most prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2012. Nevertheless, his desire to reveal his latent artistic expressions was so strong that he gradually conflicted with commercial works. ’99 Variations’ is his first fine art work that was a series of his self-portrayal works, captured through the reflections in a mirror. A mirror is the space for him to exist simultaneously as a producer and an actor on the stage. He is now working on the creation of a ‘total art’ beyond the boundaries among various artistic genres. EDUCATION 1995 B.A. in French Language and Literature, Hongik University, Seoul SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2014 <99 Variations>, Central Slovak Gallery, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia 2013 <99 Variations>, House of art, Bratislava, Slovakia 2012 <A COMPANY>, Samsung Cheil Worldwide 2011 <Documentary, Road for Hope>, KBS (Korea Broadcasting System) 2009 <99 Variations>, Sungkok Art Museum GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2014 <Insight2 Exhibition>, Nemo hall of Blue Square, Sponsored by Samsung Electronics 2013 <Samsung ‘UHD ZOO’ Exhibition>, Beyond Museum 2013 <99 Variations>, Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2013 2012 <Masquerade>, Coreana Museum 2012 <Insight Exhibition>, Yoo Art Space 2009 <Myth in the Mirror>, V-Gallery in Seoul Arts Center 2009 <Olleh Art>, Kumho Museum 2007 <Myth in the Mirror>, Artsonje Center 2003 <A man who was stolen legs, and 30 eyes>, Daelim Museum 2003 <Chromatic Sensation>, Gallery Hyundai EDITORIAL VOGUE / BAZAAR / ELLE / W / marie claire / In Style / ESQUIER and More COMMERCIALS About 600 commercial works including Coca-Cola / MOTOROLA / SAMSUNG / LG / DUNKIN’ DONUTS / FISSLER/ OLIMPUS and 80 film posters DOCUMENTARIES 2011-2012 A Documentary of the first Korean female president, Park Geun Hye <She is not only a woman, Geun Hye> 2011-2012 The children and child slavery with KBS <On the Hope Road> 2012 The Third generation of victims from defoliant in Vietnam <Weapon that kills the future-Agent Orange> AWARDS 2014 A finalist in the “LensCulture Portrait Awards 2014″ 2012 Spikes Asia – Asia’s Creative Advertising Festival and Awards, Grand Prix, “Samsung Electronics Insight Campaign” 2012 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Two Gold Lions in Promo & Activation, “Samsung Electronics Insight Campaign” 2011 Korea Fashion Photographer of the Year