There are people here

PhotographerRuben Mália
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Deep in the shadow of the oldest neighborhoods of Porto-Portugal, behind the crowds of tourists, and touristic icons of a city that is currently best European destination 2014, lives a group of people that made the city. People that sometimes behind a shy smile, hide the bitterness of a hard life that their eyes cannot hide. The 2012, census told us that nearly 400000 seniors lived alone and 800000 live with someone with 65 years of age or older, being 31% of them in the northern region of Portugal. A reminder is needed, to show that there are people here.

About Photographer

Ruben Mália is a Freelance Photographer based in Porto (Portugal). His passion for capturing the human condition in unique and challenging situations has been his true motivation, driving him to learn more and to better himself, not only as a photographer but also as a human being. Since his graduation in the Portuguese Institute of Photography in 2009, he has enjoyed a series of broad subjects: from his first life changing project on the daily life of a Oncology Hospital, to his current long term project documenting the religious culture and traditions on the North of Portugal. Throughout these projects, and many others, Ruben has developed the will to travel the world and further capture the true human element.