Sunlight Spaces

PhotographerAlexander Martirosov
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySaint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Photo Date2014
Technical InfoAll images made on 8x10 film.
Entry Description

"The strategy of Martirosov is very simple in this series - it is completely expressible by the old definition: to take a look. Wide aspect lens provides a horizontal spatial coverage, but the author also endeavors to highlight the solemn order of spatial plans by non-technical means. These are ways of natural, full-scale composite: a horizontal line correlated with the viewer’s position, a certain line traced foreground (an irrigation pipe laid on the ground), structuredness of the soil itself, bearing traces of the age-old process, cultivation. This natural structuredness and compositionality are important, among other things, as a factor of the release from the Control: they are not outside, intended, fabricated - they are observed, they are full-scale. There is another factor of this kind: the artist eliminates any hint of a direct linear perspective of pictorial sense. Just in the middle of several pictures a country road is given: it is going naturally "into the distance", turning in a subtle thread. Optics also lets avoiding effect of "edges’ wrapping" on the periphery of the space: it makes remembering the installation of Matyushin on "extended watching." Alexander Borovskiy Art critic, curator and head of the Department of Contemporary Art at The State Russian Museum, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.