'The Dancers' - Art Centre Melbourne

PhotographerSharon Tenenbaum
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLifeprints Photography
City/CountryVancouver, Canada
Photo DateJune 2014
Entry Description

I was fascinated by how looking at this tower from different angles it would look different. From one angle it reminded me of a female dancer, curvy and sensual with her dress swaying as she moved, yet from another angle it looked more masculine, standing tall, angular and strong. In this series it was my vision to depict the essence of that impression in two separate images of the same structure.

About Photographer

I was educated as a Civil Engineer in Israel, and have been practicing as a Professional Engineer in Vancouver Canada. In late 2007 I made a decision to part from full time engineering in order to pursue my passion for photography after being inspired by a life-changing journey to South East Asia. My passion for photography started with street photojournalism, yet combined with my original background as a Civil Engineer, my work covers a wide gamut of subject matter from ‘in the moment’ Photojournalism to Fine Art Architectural Photography. As a photographer I am a self-taught artist learning my craft through personal research and practical experience behind the camera. In my work I incorporate a Long Exposure technique to expand the expressive dimensions of my art. Although an artist at heart, I enjoy teaching and sharing with others my photography techniques and vision. I teach Architectural Photography Workshops around the world (NY, Chicago, Melbourne and Vancouver) and have written two eBooks, ‘How to Create Long Exposure Fine art Photography’ and ‘Left & Right Brain – A photographer’s understanding on how these mindsets affect our visual interpretation of Art’. Education: Israel Institute of Technology, B.Sc. Residence: Vancouver, B.C., Canada