Wedding Ceremony Of Tujia

PhotographerENYA MAREINE
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryJohor Bahru, Malaysia
Photo Date30 may 2014
Entry Description

Candyce was born in Zhangjiajie and she is the Tujia, which is the 6th largest ethnic minority in People’s Republic of China. However, KC was born in Malaysia and studied in Singapore and London. To fight for their career, both of them were working in Hong Kong. They met each other unexpectedly in Hong Kong and fell for each other. They decided to get married after they fell in love for some time. Candyce suggested to celebrate the wedding in Tujia traditions because she wished to preserve the cultures and traditions of Tujia. Although Tujia history may trace back over twelve centuries, the wedding traditions are difficult to be seen in today’s society. The Tujia are renowned for their singing and song composing abilities. On the wedding day, the mountains were surrounded by the Tujia’s traditional song. The firecrackers, the palanquin and the horse, which are the cultural icon for Tujia wedding not just attracted the crowd from nearby village, it even attracted the news media to report the event. It was really an eye opener for lots of people.

About Photographer

ENYA MAREINE Malaysia's most awarded wedding & portrait photographer. Fellow (FMPA) at Master Photographers Association UK. I'm inspired by fine art and the sheer beauty of the everyday things that exist around us.