PhotographerChan Dick
Entry Description

Wrinkled, scarred or disguised, walls are witnesses to the passage of time. The age of their cement tells the glory and frailty of this town. These walls were from a building I’ve been visiting since I was small. The building will perish soon to make way for redevelopment in Hong Kong. I try to decipher the mysteries of these walls, and the stories they tell. While staring at the marks on the walls, a vision of a cemetery emerged, but instead of tombstones, I saw new towers and highrise estates made with “cement”. Perhaps these were tombstones afterall.

About Photographer

Both a successful commercial and fine-art photographer, Chan Dick 陳的 is best known for the award-winning series Chai Wan Fire Station. The series came to fruition by chance when the photographer stumbled across the vantage point from a window in his workshop bathroom. Shot from an aerial perspective, the photographs record the daily occurrences within the Chai Wan fire station courtyard, from the firefighters’ physical training to volleyball games and guided student tours to equipment maintenance. The resulting images are minimalistic compositions that appear to be formations of toy figurines upon a geometric green square. Chan specialises in the photography of still life, interiors and architecture. Recent projects have explored socio-political issues within Hong Kong, most notably the 2014 series No Compromise, which documented student activists. The series won him third place in the International Photography Awards (IPA) Competition in the professional editorial/political category. Chan is also the recipient of the Hong Kong Photo Book Awards for the Chai Wan Fire Station series as well as winner of the 2015 Photography Award (IPA) Competition in the fine art category for the Dismayland series. His photographs have been selected by Invisible Photographer Asia and showcased at the 2015 Angkor Photo Festival. He has been a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (HKIPP) since 2002.