Forbidden Lands

PhotographerOhad Matalon
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTel Aviv, Israel
Photo Date2014
Technical InfoNegative\Positive Projections
Entry Description

In the series, each work was created by digitally combining the negative and the positive exposures of the same image, originally taken from a distance using a super tele lens. Each work is comprised of dozens of photos digitally assembled into one image. The finished works are screened statically through a video projector. All photographs were taken near Israel's most guarded secrets - the Dimona Nuclear Reactor and other military facilities. The idea was to create a series of images that are classified and surrounded by a coat of secrecy and an unearthly essence. These photos of are not meant to expose sensitive information but to emphasize the ban on its exposure and the search for truth, while discussing the establishment's practice of protecting civilians by withholding information. These works raise the question of whether this secrecy actually provides such security and protection, and emphasize the intrinsic dichotomy between the site and its symbolic meaning and between the substantial and the hidden.

About Photographer

Ohad Matalon CV Born 1972 Lives and works in Tel Aviv Teach photography at "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design", Jerusalem Education: 2005-2007 M.F.A "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design”, Tel Aviv 2003-2005 Study for M.A philosophy, Tel Aviv University 1997-2001 B.F.A in photography, "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design”, Jerusalem, Graduated with excellence Solo Exhibitions: 2014 "Ghost House" TamTam Gallery, Taipei 2012 "The Zone" Podbielski Contemporary Gallery Berlin Works from "The Zone" Tavi Art Gallery, Tel Aviv 2010 “North True South Bright”, Contemporary by Golconda Gallery, Tel Aviv 2009 “Today”, Herzliya Biennial of Art, Herzliya 2005 “E”, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa 2001 “Ohad Matalon”, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv. Future Solo Exhibition: 2014 Tel Aviv Museum of Art 2014 Podbielski Contemporary Gallery, Berlin Selected Group Exhibitions: 2014 "Breaking News" Podbielski Contemporary Gallery, Berlin Art 14, Contemporary Art Fair, London 2013 "Secular Judaism" Nahum Gutman Museum of Art, Tel Aviv "Inbetween" Beit Hagefen, Haifa Artissima Art Fair, Torino 2012 Fotofever, Photography Art Fair, Brussels Roma Contemporary Art Fair Artists of the Gallery , Podbielski Contemporary Gallery Berlin "Mia" Art Fair, Milano "Is That Real ?" ME Contemporary, Copenhagen 2011 "Making Room" Tel Aviv Museum of Art Preview Berlin Art fair "Imagenery Homelands" Mina gallery New York "Contemporary Israeli Photography" Tel Aviv Museum of Art "Israeli texture" Permanent exhibition at the Israel's Parliament "Southern spirit" Hanegev Museum of art & at the Tel Aviv University Gallery 2010 “Restart” Tavi artgallery Tel-Aviv “Decadence” Sommer Gallery, Tel Aviv 2009 ART TLV, Tel Aviv Biennial of Art "Dreary structures, Dreamy Structures" Ashdod Museum of Art "Cracks" Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Tel Aviv "In the Same Breath" Tavi Dresner Gallery, Tel Aviv “Power Shows 04” Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Taipei 2008 “Three Photographers”, Tel Aviv Artists Studios “Post Minimalism”, Herzliya Museum of Art 2007 Tribute to Rafi Lavi, Midrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv “Cable Realease” Midrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv 2006 “Laterna Magica”, Bat-Yam Museum of Art, Bat-Yam 2005 "Dash", Chocolate Factory Gallery, London "Israeli Contemporary Photography, FotoGrafia, Rome “Jerusalem through Private lens" Jerusalem Artists House / Kunsthaus Hamburg “Life: Contemporary Photography from Israel” JCC Art Gallery, New York 2004 “Current Visions from Israel", Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York 2003 Winners of Hapais Award, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv 2002 "Fragile Line", Um el Phahem Galllery “New Acquisitions” Tel-Aviv Museum of Art 2001 “Gallery Photographers”, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv Awards: 2012 BNL-BNP Paribas-Award, best work at MIA (Milan Image Art) Fair 2010 The Minister of culture award 2008 “Artist in Community” scholarship from the Ministry of culture & education 2007 Mifal Hapais Scholarship for photography project 2006 “Young Artist” award from the Ministry of culture & education. 2005 Citation at the young photographer competition of Haifa Museum of Art 2002 "Mifal Hapais" award – first portrait Selected Collections: Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Israel's parliament, Haifa Museum of Art collection, Pkb Private Bank Switzerland Collection, Mishkenot Shaananim Photography Collection, Petach Tikva Museum Collection, Shpilman Institute for photography and many private collections in Israel & abroad