bail bond. bondsmen, defendants and bounty hunters

Photographerclara vannucci
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Bail Bond - Bondsmen, defendants and bounty hunters Bail Bond is a visual tale set in contemporary New York. By weaving together stories of bondsmen, defendants and bounty hunters, the reportage sheds light on an unexplored edge of law and order in the US, a place where crime and security collide and amalgamate, leaving no room for the spectator to take side. In the US legal system, a person accused of committing a crime is called defendant: assumed innocent, he must be proven guilty, or else released. While waiting for judgment, defendants can live as free men and women, as long as they pay a sum of money, considered a guarantee for their appearance in court on the dates assigned for the trial. When defendants cannot pay, bondsmen act as guarantors by providing the requested money and assuming the responsibility to force recalcitrant defendants into court on their day, with the help of bounty hunters.

About Photographer

Clara Vannucci was born and raised in Florence, Italy. She has always been interested In photography, since she was very young. After the degree in graphic design, at the University of Architecture of Florence, she decided to make her passion for photography become her life and her profession. Her most important project is about Theatre in prison in Tuscany, with her camera she has begun to show how the method of acting in prison can be a useful tool to changing the way the criminal mind works. She started to take pictures in prisons like Rikers Island, NYC, to continue her project about Crime and Redemption.Her interests are mostly based on the diversity of people and their cultures. And she finds in Photography the best way to show the world as it is telling stories. For this reason she chooses tough subjects and issues and tells her stories traveling all around the world. From Florence, where she documented the issue of political Refugees, to place like Madagascar, Mali, Etiopia, and most recently, in Yemen, documenting the problem of Water and the Shark Finning. Now she lives between NYC and Italy. In NYC she is working as assistant for the photojournalist Donna Ferrato, and she is doing an intership at Magnum Photos.