Entry Title: "The Architecture of Amusement"
Name: Andrew Prokos , United States
Category and Expertise: Other_ARC|Other_S|Other_ED|Other_FA, Professional

Entry Description: In this ongoing series I focus on the fascinating and sometimes bizarre architectural elements found in amusement parks. Through the use of high-resolution stitching I create large-scale portraits of superhero roller coasters and thrill rides, each of which has a distinct personality of its own. The bright colors and larger-than-life composition convey a sense of awe, tension, fear, and wonderment.

About the Artist:

Andrew Prokos is a New York based photographer specializing in architectural and fine art photography. Andrew's photography has been widely published and exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York, 21_21 Designsight in Tokyo, and is included in corporate art collections throughout the USA and Europe. Andrew's work can be seen at http://andrewprokos.com.