Entry Title: "Spomeniks"
Name: Marc Koegel , Canada
Category and Expertise: Buildings|Historic|War/Conflict|Other_FA, Professional

Entry Description: 'Spomeniks' is a series of long exposure photographs taken in former Yugoslavia in the Spring of 2014. Photographed using a Cambo WRS technical camera with a Phase One IQ 260 Digital Back.

About the Artist:

Marc Koegel is a Vancouver fine art photographer, educator, writer and director of Vancouver Photo Workshops LTD. His black and white long exposure landscapes, nudes and architecture photographs have been widely exhibited in Vancouver and internationally. Born in Germany, Marc first came to Canada in 1996 to earn an Economics degree. He has been seriously involved with photography ever since he was given his father's camera and darkroom setup at the age of 12. He has worked and studied with many internationally acclaimed photographers, including Joe McNally, Greg Gorman, Jay Maisel, Mary Ellen Mark, Ralph Gibson, David Hume Kennerly and Jon Cone from Cone Editions Press. Among Marc's keen interests are the creative and transitional techniques used to merit traditional darkroom with the latest digital processes.