PhotographerCésar Rodríguez
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The Charreria is México´s only national sport. It is said that to be a good Charro you have to learn how to ride a horse before you can walk. This is a photo-series of the behind the scenes of what happens at the festivity . The Charreria its a way of life, not just a sport for them. The Charros practice during their whole lives to be one of the very best in the nation. Sometimes, the riders are kids with no education, and they see the Charreria as a way out of the misery. If they succeed, they will be superstars.

About Photographer

César Rodríguez, born in Tepic, Nayarit in 1983. His work has been published in magazines such as: Vice, Cuartoscuro, Shootermag, Revista 192 and others. Also, his projects has been featured in PDN online, Urbanautica, Fototazo, Thetrip mag among others. He's photos have won prices like: 1st place of the Mobile photography awards for the Photo essay category, Honorable mention at the Photo Annual Awards, 1st place at the Smithsonian photo contest, selected for American Photography 30, Berlin browse foto festival 3rd place, 3 honorable mentions at the IPA awards 2013, etc. He's photos have been exhibited in places like: London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Biel, New York, California, Mexico City, Bogota, China, czech republic, etc. He recently won a full scholarship for the 2014 foundry photojournalism workshop at antigua, Guatemala.