Two Dogs and a Golf Cart

PhotographerBoyz Bieber
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrylos angeles, United States
Photo Date2009
Technical InfoHandmade Book with prints
Entry Description

The town of Bombay Beach is located on the eastern shore of the Salton sea - about 60 miles southeast of Palm Springs. Half flooded, the rest Bombay Beach is kept dry with the help of a huge dike that surrounds the town. There are 178 households, 2 convenient stores, and 1 bar. With the nearest gas station more then twenty miles away and not much to do, most people have electric golf carts to get around, and plenty of dogs to keep them company. While some people are here out of necessity, others choose to be here for the cheap cost of living and the freedom that comes from being off the beaten path.

About Photographer

Boyz Bieber (b. 1985, Mendocino) holds a BFA in art from UCLA. Drawing from a broad range of photographic and literary influences - including Ernest Hemingway, Henry Wessel, Cathy Opie, and Bruce Davidson - his work spans across several genres of fine art photography. What connect the different projects and series is a polished, photojournalistic approach to his subject along with