Global Warming: Duluth

PhotographerDavid Bowman
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The average temperature on Lake Superior is 34 degrees F, which could kill a swimmer in the middle of summer. With the onset of global warming, however, water temperatures on the Great Lakes have risen as much as 20 degrees F.

About Photographer

Photographer David Bowman hails from Chicago, studied in Madison, traversed the Australian outback via camel, and drifted to the Twin Cities some time thereafter. One of the first people he met after arriving in Minnesota was fashion photographer Richard Avedon. Bowman asked him what advice he might give a struggling artist, and Avedon responded, “Start working." So he did, ultimately shooting for the likes of Vanity Fair, TIME, Glamour, Target, National Geographic, ESPN, Johnson & Johnson, Disney, and Dwell. In 2013, Bowman graduated with his MFA, Valedictorian of the Graduate School, and became a full member of National Geographic Creative.