Together and apart

PhotographerLyalya Garbouz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMoscow, Russian Federation
Photo Date2014
Entry Description

Lilya has lived hard but blessed. When her father died she was only one year old and her mother had to raise two daughters solus. Lilya's youth was marred by WWII. After marriage she had to live with her husband and little dauthers in a small house with stove heating. Already being matured she moved with her husband to a small flat on 4th floor without elevator and hot water. In 2006 after the husband death she moved to her younger daughter and granddaughter home. She devoted the whole life to the family - raising descendants and being a second mother to her younger granddaughter. In the twilight of this life she is being nursed by family. Being almost blind and disabled she was not alone - her family and descendants were close even living their own life. But her days were under her belt. Becoming the last of her generation she was only able to retrospect and remember faces of those who have gone before. Old age and disease could not change her optimistic way of life and she was interested in everything around. Last year she was diagnosed for inoperable case of cancer. She has gone this May at the age of 92. During her last days she was calling for her mother. The family was with her till the end.

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