Flying Shadows

PhotographerJoel Coleman
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJoel Coleman Gallery
City/CountryManly, Australia
Photo Date3rd December 2013
Technical InfoCanon 1DX – 14mm F2.8
Entry Description

Sometimes, with the right conditions, when waves hit the sand on the beach the result is a foamy, frothy, sandy explosion. It all happens so fast you barely notice the detail. However, using very fast shutter speeds on a camera, you can stop the movement and the results are spectacular. The scarcity of the conditions makes this image even more special for me and I consider it one of the rare moments when I might have ‘got it right’.

About Photographer

In a world where artists of all disciplines relish in their abilities to create and wallow in the praise of their achievements, I believe that what I do is merely on loan to me. The natural world already exists. I did not create it. I take the best photographs I can by constantly improving my technical skills. The creative concept work that I produce is dreamt up. We all have dreams, I simply sketch mine out then re-build them using available tools, props, lights and people. I then rely again on that technical knowledge that I have spent my life perfecting and create the best possible photographs. I travel to as many places as I can on this earth, I am fascinated by the natural world and want nothing more than to spend my time photographing it. I share my journeys through my photographic journal in both images and words. Call me an artist, call me a storyteller, call me an adventure photographer, call me whatever you want. I call myself a person willing to spend time learning. And when the opportunity presents itself, I put that knowledge to use. I believe that patience and persistence pay off and, when all the elements align, I’ll get the shot.