The assault

Photographerclaudia borgia
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Noshabad, Iran - Scene from a Ta'ziyeh, the dramatic theatrical genre developed in Safavide period: in the day of Ashura the head of Imam Hossein was cut, the tents of the camp looted and burned, women and children captured.

About Photographer

Claudia was born in Rome in 1975. The revolutionary '70s air hatching within themselves for many years, too many according to her, because it is only in 2009 that leaves everything and decided to devote herself to photography. Infact she leaves her beloved family body shop and her job of insurance adjuster, she reads back the thesis on asylum discussed at the Faculty of Political Science at the Sapienza University of Rome and she start to look for a combination between her passion for contemporary history, the desire to be a witness and the photography. She choose to study photography attending the permanent school of photography Graffiti, following several workshops and enrolling the master's degree in photojournalism in the ISFCI institute of Rome. She decides to take pictures of the reality that surrounds her, but also the rest of the world whenever is possible, with the innocent curiosity of those who want to enrich themselves and enrich those who look at her pictures. She prefers the stories of women and long-term projects. Today she is a freelance. She has published over A, The Guardian, on Kristeligt Dagblad ( dk) and other small foreign media. In 2013 she came third in the contest for the Ansa photo - journalist Rolando Fava and second in Fotoleggendo photo contest.