The Oases of Lagos

PhotographerMichael Grecco
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySanta Monica, United States
Photo DateMay 2013
Entry Description

I knew there would be culture shock going from Los Angeles, California to Lagos, Nigeria, but I never expected it to be so profound. I came to learn that Lagosians plan their life around this deplorable amount of traffic, which means they don’t go far or attempt too many things in a given day. It was amazing to see how adaptive the people were while facing something we’d find so incredibly frustrating here in the states! Lagosians must often endure traffic jams, violent crime, electrical blackouts and the noise of generators. An inexhaustible supply of hustlers looking to earn a little extra money can make strolling down the average Lagos street an ordeal.What a gift for me to gaze over at this tribe and their way of life, firsthand. There is beauty to be seen in the diversity found among life across the planet. It just takes me back, leaving me humbled, grateful, and curious. Quite a long ways away from the mind-blowing conveniences are famous estates and the incredible restaurants of my native Santa Monica! How easy it is to forget…