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PhotographerYI-MING CHUNG
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Space. Is here. Is there. I was not in the building. I was in the way to the building. The origin of the building, is to establish a secure, stable environment; But now the building is built on the exploitation of the environment. Modern building narrows our free space for development, but we can still fly and the game in them. Even if we think it looks safe, but there are psychological instability. The swap space no.1: exit or entrance / no.2: Network / no.3: by / no.4: top


Common interpretation of the building is divided into three categories: interpretation of content interpretation, physiological and psychological aspects of interpretation in the form of respect. (1) The content of the explanation: In politics, philosophy and religion, science (geometric perspective structure), social and economic (Medieval: Agriculture; Renaissance: Commerce and Industry; sixteenth century classicism: the merchant class; eclecticism: Industrial Development), materialists (fatalism style aspects of the Interpretation Act) and technical explanation building. Their way to cause changes in the style and point of time for historical reasons elaborated. (2) Physical and psychological explanation: A. Architectural style is symbolic of those "mental state" description. B. Symbolism 'empathy theory, "art comes down to a science, with horizontal and vertical lines, straight lines and curves, spirals, cube, sphere, oval, square, etc. since that analysis of the scientific method. C. Empathy on the philosophy: proportional, geometric, anthropomorphic. (3) In the form of aspects of interpretation: The law lists a set of traditional aesthetics boring people, characteristics, rules and principles; think these are necessary to comply with the architectural composition. For example: unity, contrast, symmetry, balance, proportion, character, scale, style, authenticity, elegant performance, emphasis or focus on change, the same table, appropriate and so on. It can be seen in the form of taking into account the moral and psychological characteristics and the characteristics of both. (4) American critic summed up the basic conclusions of architectural interpretation: A. The original building, the nature of meaning (value) in its interior space. B. For all other factors, size, shape and decoration evaluation factors, they should look to strengthen, facilitate or interfere with how well spatial effects may be. C. Factors associated with the spatial effect and the practical effect is related with factors of those factors is the empty part of the building itself is the same. (5) must be coupled with the human factor, truly beautiful architectural design.

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