Man Caves

Photographerjasper white
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date2013
Entry Description

The book 'Man Caves' was shoot by Jasper White and documents Australians love of the 'shed' Perhaps at odds with its size - or perhaps owing to it - there's an intimacy to Australia’s communities – in which heritage and identity are celebrated through the personalisation of space. The shed’s four walls encapsulate more than first meets the eye: loves, obsessions, desires, history and creativity – a window into a life, the documenting of years gone by. It’s geographically apparent that space is a plenty in Australia and these creative uses are a part of the country’s cultural importance – particularly to small communities, in which extensive architectural changes and development are rare. These sheds are a creative outlet, belonging to an individual, but they extend beyond this. They are a social meeting point - a place to share a drink, a story. The remnants of these encounters remain within the space, providing an insight and inspiration. Published by Thames & Hudson

About Photographer

My work explores the relationship people have with territory and space, the boundaries we define. I try to convey a sense of voyeurism. The compositions are simple and direct, as if looking through a neighbouring window. The images are detailed, arousing the viewer’s curiosity making them look again. Agent Gallery