Entry Title: "Alcoa Fortune Magazine"
Name: floto+warner , United States
Category and Expertise: Industrial|Photo Essay and Feature Story, Professional

Entry Description: Assignment for Fortune magazines 500 issue.

About the Artist:

Jeremy Floto: Raised in rural Nevada. Became a paramedic. Ski Patroled in Park City. Traveled the world in the off season. Discovered photography. Landed at RIT. Cassandra Warner: Born and bred in upstate New York. Worked in a camera store. Built a darkroom. Searched around for a purpose. Landed at RIT. The 2 meet. Love at first sight. 5 months later moved to NYC. Hit the ground running. Didn’t look back. Married in Mexico. Live in Brooklyn. Still inspired. Their photographs appear regularly in such publications as Vanity Fair, New York, TIME, Fortune, Wired and W magazine. Acknowledging their vigorous exploration of subject and space, floto+warner’s clients include some of the largest companies in the world including G.E., AT&T, Canon, SAP, Volkswagen and Barclays.