Under the Surface

CompanyCollettivo Fotosocial
PhotographerMassimo Branca
Entry Description

About Photographer

Massimo Branca is an Italian documentary photographer. Over time, he has dedicated himself to studying many different disciplines, such as Classical Piano, Visual Arts and Statistics. In 2008 he graduated in Anthropology (Università di Bologna) with a thesis on the application of photography as a method of research and representation in cultural investigation. In 2009 he co-founded Collettivo Fotosocial, Italian association using photography to produce social change. Since 2011 he has been collaborating with IRFOSS (Institute of Research and Training in Social Sciences) as visual researcher in various ethnographic expeditions in Italy and abroad. His interests are mainly focused on contemporary lifestyles and cultural minorities. His last project ‘Under the Surface’, started in 2013 and still on-going, deals with street life and social exclusion in Bucharest. He is currently living between Italy and Romania.